Evolution Programs

for Life Skills and Career

We love and respect every child, as they are all extraordinary in their own way.

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The Evolution Program is a comprehensive program that includes life skills development, career development, and professional skills development. It was designed to address the challenges of traditional or conventional education systems. We believe that priorities should include more than just academics and memorization.

We help children identify their goals, interests, and values to better understand what they would like to achieve and what they enjoy doing, while building self-awareness and confidence. Our program teaches effective communication, problem-solving, decision-making, teamwork, leadership, financial and digital literacy, sustainable career paths, gaining practical experience, and fostering creativity and innovation.

As a modern finishing school, we aim to instill a love of learning in children and encourage them to continue developing their skills and knowledge throughout their lives. The Evolution Program includes different levels such as weekend and vacation programs focused on specific topics, as well as a year-long program that covers the entire syllabus.

This program helps your child to evolve as a:

Skilled Professional Sensible Citizen Responsible Human

Junior Intern-Preneur Program

Develop career skills through hands-on entrepreneurship program for students aged 10-15, offered online in two time zones.

The Junior Intern-Preneur Program is a three-weekend program designed for students aged 10 to 15, and is a miniature version of the Intern-Preneur Program for professionals. This experiential learning program focuses on developing career skills, enhancing communication, confidence, presentation, and teamwork skills, fostering independent thinking and creativity, and providing an introduction to entrepreneurship. The program is conducted online and is offered in two different time zones to accommodate students in India and the Middle East.

Financial Champions Program

Experience-based financial literacy program teaching practical money management skills.

Financial literacy and money management are critical topics that many of us regret not learning properly. Instead of simply teaching the theories, options, and services, our program provides an experiential learning approach that sheds light on all aspects of financial tools and money management concepts in a practical and sensible way.