“a student who works on every aspect of a project to gain practical experiences, to acquires skills and being mentored to enhance a professional career as an employee as well as an employer.”

Are you building your career and want to focus on your personal and professional development?

The team Evolvers serves as a new-gen finishing school by creating a platform for you to learn, work, and experience. Here you learn without text books; you gain professional experience while learning and improving skills. Come, let’s be a team, and explore the real world of teamwork, brainstorming, innovation, entrepreneurship, recruitment, and professionalism while experiencing and learning managerial and communication skills.

This experiential-learning platform will help you explore yourself by pushing your limits, learning, identifying, and upskilling the professional in you, and thus nurture yourself into a better version of yourself who perfectly fits this competitive world, whether in your career or personal life spheres.


Intern-Preneur Development Program

​​IPDP provides a unique internship-like experience, for students, recent graduates, working professionals, or someone on a career break. This is a platform to develop skills such as communication, confidence, and leadership that will help you upskill and stand out in the job market and career. Participants will have the chance to gain practical experience in a professional setting. IPDP provides you with the opportunity to explore your full potential with our individualised care and support.

Duration: 4 weeks Slots: 10 Mode: Online

Intern-Preneur Foundation

IPF is an intensive, one-week programme designed for individuals who are seeking to gain professional skills and job readiness. This beginner-level programme provides a platform for participants to develop essential skills such as communication, leadership, and time management, as well as recruitment-helping tools like resume building and LinkedIn optimization. The programme is suitable for students, individuals with career breaks, and professionals alike and offers a unique opportunity to fast-track their career and professional growth in a supportive and engaging environment.

Duration: 1-week Slots: 10 Mode: Online

Master of Intern-Preneur Program

MIP is a 2-month advanced program exclusively for those who are certified by the IPF and IPDP. It covers advanced LinkedIn profile optimization, resume tailoring with keyword optimization, HR-led interviews at a higher level, along with practical learning on communication, time management, people management, leadership, entrepreneurship, and personal finance management. MIP aims to advance the individual with deep awareness and practical insights on recruitment, skill development, professionalism, and all things career-related.

Duration: 2 Months Slots: Unlimited Mode: Online

Eligibility Criteria

Shoot us your resume and enroll as an ‘Intern-preneur’, if you are :

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