Minimalism at Work

Minimalism is not just a monk’s business. It is an art of sustainable living, probably be the only solution to save earth.

Let me start with the advantages of minimalism first,

·      Less stress

·      More economical

·      More productivity

·      More peace

·      Assured mindfulness

Tempted a bit?

Yes, you can be a minimalist. You can adopt this beautiful idea in every sector of your life.

Now, let me take you to your workplace. Stand quiet there, look around. What do you feel? Messy? Unorganized? Too much of stuff? Feeling awkward?

Open your laptop. See the folders files, inbox.


Is it time to change?

How can you be a minimalist in your workplace?

Is it really a good idea?

Can a corporate world adapt this?

Ask me, my answer will be definitely yes, just DEFINITELY.

The first step is something too personal. Ask yourself,

Am I sure? Am I excited? Do I really need this? 

If yes, start decluttering. How can you declutter your stuff?

List your stuff, segregate to most essential, essential, and non-essential. Then start decluttering from the non-essential.

 Someone said, a cluttered desk- cluttered mind. Once the decluttering is done; half has done.

Start your day with mindfulness practices.

Schedule everything clean. Schedule for a day, a week, a month, and definitely long-term goals too.

Go paperless, go wireless.

Give definite spaces for every stuff.

Identify your nature of work, adopt feasible ways to go minimal.

See your stuff, take a minute to identify whether it is biodegradable or not. If yes think about an eco-friendly alternative. The way to a minimalist and sustainable office space is not big task it is all about understanding the importance and finding the way.

Thank you. Be a minimalist.

Sreeja Mukundan
Chief Learning Officer

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