Graduated in 2020?

This is a really hard time for freshers – those who are coming out of college graduating this year. Even though several firms stopped hiring, there are still a lot of companies that hire employees now, and even there will be small firms that are recruiting now. However, it is really critical how a fresher manages this period. I strongly believe the recruiters will be asking freshers “what did you do during the COVID period”, once everything is back to normal. Here are my suggestions:

1. You have enough time now. Don’t copy someone else’s resume, make your own resume – it will be the marketing tool to sell yourself.

2. Manage a Linkedin profile professionally. Linkedin is a platform to find jobs, know industry updates etc. Recruiters often check your social media profiles too during the recruitment process. Reinvest your time from Facebook & Instagram to Linkedin.

3. Go through all the available job vacancy posts – no matter if it’s expired or not. Read the job descriptions thoroughly. It helps you to understand the different options available, various roles, and designations you can apply for – you can even use such keywords to search for jobs, understand the commonly asked skills and learn those.

4. Use Linkedin learning and start learning. Get certificates and add them to your profile. It is completely free and convenient. Use Linkedin Learning mobile app and learn while you go.

5. Improve your profile and add value. Don’t be idle. Do whatever you can to improve your profile. Activities such as volunteering too can be a good value addition in the current scenario.

If you are a fresher with such a profile, it will definitely please a recruiter. So, start right now.

Ananthu Vasudev
Chief Executive Officer

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