The Deaths Under The Veil; We Want A Better Normal

In an era where we are facing a whole lot of challenges, there are some important things that are being unnoticed or preferably avoided to conceal something that’s of a grave nature or which is dangerous. Air pollution is such a kind of matter that has been ignored by the authorities and the government itself, especially these days. But still, people are living with a myth, that ’till there is no smog, the air around me will be healthy’. It’s high time people should go forth from this kind of thinking. As all the studies depict, our air is polluted and it clearly states that out of ten, nine breathes polluted air.

In this pandemic era, it’s commonly said that our nature has benefited a lot. Yes, at some point it’s right. But did we really need to build our ecology or to promote it by putting our health and economy at threat? This is the same trend, as we say quit smoking and work in the polluted air. Like the real and reel are different, all these ideologies and practicalities are different. The myths-oriented era is outdated. The upcoming generation should be thirsty for facts and figures of things happening around them. Consequently, that generation should work on the problem in a solution-oriented manner also.

Who all are concerned about their lungs? Surely the majority are not concerned about their lungs unless and until it’s been affected with some kind of disease. Wherever you may live, in a rich space or anywhere, but that can’t help you with an escape from this befouled air. The truth is that our lungs are polluted every single day because of the climate change happening around us. From the authority and government side even unknowingly the citizens are being troubled by the actions they are taking. More and more mining centers are being permitted. These all are the clear-cut evidence we are getting from the authority side.

The baffling side has been discussed for ages. What we need now is to think more about solutions. A solution destined for society is the need of the hour. So what we can do with this regard, is the first question. We cannot delay any longer, that doesn’t mean that just go out and contest protests or mass environmental protection drives. Instead, we can start the change from us. We can be the change-makers just by covering a walkable distance by walking itself, a little act from every human can bring great changes.

Let’s forget all the statistics of air pollution and death rates, let’s start thinking about that part which can build a brighter nature and pure air. Let’s make it better tomorrow. A brighter normal, not the old smoggy normal. Let’s make the new normal fresh. 

Justy Jain Thomas
Project Management Coordinator

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