New Year’s Resolution For Your Resume

Wondering why your job application is not getting an interview call? Ever thought your resume could be the reason? As it happens there are plenty of “all-too-common” resume mistakes that become the deal-breakers. A whopping 70% of recruiters say that the following silly mistakes need to be avoided from a resume which would otherwise cause […]

My Confidence Story

Confidence is vital for one’s success. I believe, the best part of parenting is cultivating confidence and providing opportunities to offspring.  In the case of confidence, things are a bit different for me. I was a timid person until I joined the Intern-Preneur Development Program. Though I am not a very confident person now, I […]

The Deaths Under The Veil; We Want A Better Normal

In an era where we are facing a whole lot of challenges, there are some important things that are being unnoticed or preferably avoided to conceal something that’s of a grave nature or which is dangerous. Air pollution is such a kind of matter that has been ignored by the authorities and the government itself, […]

Minimalism at Work

Minimalism is not just a monk’s business. It is an art of sustainable living, probably be the only solution to save earth. Let me start with the advantages of minimalism first, ·      Less stress ·      More economical ·      More productivity ·      More peace ·      Assured mindfulness Tempted a bit? Yes, you can be a minimalist. You can adopt this beautiful […]

Graduated in 2020?

This is a really hard time for freshers – those who are coming out of college graduating this year. Even though several firms stopped hiring, there are still a lot of companies that hire employees now, and even there will be small firms that are recruiting now. However, it is really critical how a fresher […]